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Rachel Innes

Rachel Innes graduated from Midwestern State University (2018) with her B.F.A. in Theater Education and a minor in Psychology. She worked as the Legacy Freshmen Director for the 2018-2019 school year before moving into the Legacy High  School Director position in 2019. She has spent the past 3 years at LHS running the theater department, acting as the Thespian Troupe director, and directing the after school program. She teaches Theatre Arts 1-4, Technical Theatre 1-3, and Productions 1-4. 

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Jonathan Romero

Jonathan Romero graduated from West Texas A&M (2019) with his B.F.A. in Theater Education. He as acted as the Legacy Freshmen Director for the past two year working alongside the Senior High School for the after school program. He is the co-director of the after school program and the Thespian Troupe. He teaches Theatre Arts 1 and Theatre Arts 2.

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After School Program

    The LHS After School Program is open to all enrolled students at LHS and LFHS. We produce 4-5 shows per year including Varsity and JV UIL One Act Play. All auditions are open for both acting and technician roles. The program follows UIL's No-Pass, No-Play rules for all its after school events. 

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   The rules and guidelines for all productions are outlined in our Handbook. This document outlines the expectations and rules for student behavior and attitude. Any student who wishes to participate in the after-school program must receive a copy of this and return the final page signed by a Parent/Guardian. 


Thespian Troupe 5968

   We are proud to have our own International Thespian Society troupe through the Texas Chapter. Thespians is the internationally recognized theater honors program for school students. 

    Our chapter is Troupe 5968. Each year the student run organization competes in state and national theatrical competitions at Thespian Festival. We complete volunteer programs through our community. 




   Through the Thespian Point System, each member must earn 10 points, participate in one LHS Theatre Company Production, and pay the dues. 

    Students who qualify for the program will be invited during the Spring Semester to join the organization. 

    Inductions occur at Banquet every year! 

Booster Club

The Trojan Women

The Theatre Booster Club is the parent volunteer organization that fundraisers and helps out with our Company. 

We have wonderful parents working towards bettering our department.

If you are interested in becoming a booster parent, please go to the Booster Club page! 

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